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Facts About Windows Web Hosting

Windows server hosting refers to the websites which are hosted at Microsoft Windows NT or 2000 internet Information Server shortly called IIS. Basically an NT server is installed in addition with Microsoft windows server edition like XP or windows 2003 web hosting. It is known for having very powerful end to end management, reliability features, scalability and so it is very popular for the integration of business with internet. Windows 2003 server hosting is the option you should go for if you are planning to use some applications of Microsoft like ASP- Active Server Pages or if you have planned or created your web site by using Microsoft Front page. Also if your web site has been developed by using .net or Visual Baisc Scripts or MS index server then windows web site hosting is the best choice for you. As far as data base is concerned, MS sql is compatible with all kinds of hosting environments but MS Access data base serves only in com;iance with windows website hosting.

The big advantage of using windows hosting plans is that all the applications developed by Microsoft are easily integrated in to the system. As there is wide usage of Microsoft’s products, so millions of users can be facilitated more easily with the help of servers running windows. You can also integrate cross browser script libraries of ASP and Java Scripts. In fact some features such as ODBC data base connectivity and Coldfusion can only be used with windows website hosting and may not run well with other operating systems.

As far as the issue of cost is concerned the windows 2003 hosting is considered as costly one because of its proprietary software and the usage of Microsoft servers. On the other hand, if you are using the remote server then it is very affordable and also very competitive as compared to the cost of UNIX or Linux hosting. As a matter of fact that you get good performance and the very quick services of Microsoft applications which are offered by windows 200 hosting the small extra expenditure is worth while and truly pays you back. All in all this is the best option for the integration of your website with Microsoft products. Although, as a matter of fact it is more costly then UNIX hosting but the advantages of getting integration of Microsoft’s products easily are far more beneficial then the small extra cost you bear for them.

Web hosting is becoming more and more profitable business day by day and so the reseller hosting is also flourishing with the passing time. The reseller of windows hosting is definitely far more advantageous as compared to the resellers of other operating systems. That is due to the fact that there are many more options that you can offer to your clients with this web hosting as compared tot other ones.

The reseller of windows web hosting can have track of multiple clients by using single control panel. There is also a facility of having PHP and My Sql based CMS – Control Management System with ASP.net and Sql website.

If you are running your servers on windows then there are millions of Microsoft applications that can be available for your clients because they are all supported and easily integrated on your servers. Your clients can use the Active Server Pages and many other Microsoft applications for designing their web sites. You can also use many new tools which include Active Sync technology and Windows Mobile. There is also a new technology of Push and Sharepoint that you can use with these servers. For your data management and data analysis you can use very popular MS Access or very dependable Sql Server relational database system also known as RDMS. It has been approved by many top level companies that SQL servers are undoubtedly the most reliable data base management systems. They have been used and approved by enterprise level business management companies of the world. With windows web hosting your clients can get facilitated by this reliable, stable and efficient RDMS.

Clients can use .net – Dot Net and VB visual Basic web development tools, they can also get the facility of Active Directory Technology of Microsoft. There is also another great feature in servers which are running on windows, they are capable of hosting web sites on Unix based system. Now days, windows hosting is available in all kinds of hosting services available in the market you can have managed window hosting in which all the activities of server are managed by your web host and still you own the server and have full command over it without getting in to the hectic work of server maintenance.

Shared window hosting is also available which is more suitable for those people who are running their web site on personal level or on small business level, as all the resources in shared hosting are shared so it is not able to handle great amount of traffic on any of its website or provide very large space for data storage of huge web sites. As all the web sites are residing on one server so all are affected by each other’s different aspects. For bigger firms or large business organizations there is a facility of windows dedicated hosting, which allows the full control over server to the owner, as they own the server. Windows dedicated server hosting is more suitable for those firm who have large amount of data on their web site and have very high load of traffic. As dedicated server is having only their web site so all the resources like disk space, bandwidth, Ram etc are used only by that one web site, which makes its working more smooth and reliable. There are also windows media hosting and windows vps hosting available for clients.

Windows vps hosting is more suitable for those clients who are in need of dedicated server due to large data on their site or heavy traffic, but cant afford to have one. In vps servers clients are given complete privacy in terms of their hosting accounts and their web site is not affected by others on the same server. Actually this is advanced for of shared hosting with better services. Physical resources are shared here too, but virtually every client has separate account and feels as if only his web site is running on the server and he has full control of all the options of his web server just like dedicated server. But the biggest advantage is that it is very cost effective. You can have vps server in quite reasonable prices as compared to dedicated server but still enjoy the facilities just like dedicated server.

There are many vendors who are offering a lot of exciting web hosting solutions which can be very helpful for your business of windows reselling. You can have better security, more stability and speed with these servers. Windows 2003 hosting has proven it self as one of the best available in the market, by providing high capacity server operating systems and features. Along with all these great features you can have cheap windows hosting and get benefit of all great facilities. Cheap windows web hosting is the solution for all those who are concerned about the cost of their hosting services and still want to have some good hosting facility. If you want to have best windows hosting then you must first calculate what are your requirements and what software you would need and then you can have hosting according to your customized approach.

Along with all these great features there are some minor problems in windows hosting when we talk about reselling business like the applications which are window based require license. This procedure makes this kind of hosting more expensive as compared to Linux based hosting services. The web hosting on Linux is more stable and needs less rebooting as compared to the servers which are running on windows servers.

Along with all these factors there is another great advantage of this service in terms of better scalability factor. This gives an easy approach to clients who want to up grade their web hosting needs as their business grows larger. It is also a much better choice for the business of reselling as windows hosting is easily compatible with Linux hosting tools. Also the interactive applications like chat tools can run in a better way under the windows based web hosting. Now they have opened new horizons of technology in terms of mobile applications also as they have launched some tools for this purpose. Many other applications are also easily accessible and compatible with windows web site hosting that is why it has become so popular among web hosts and managers of servers around the world. This is your best choice for running thousands of Microsoft applications in their best manner.

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