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Technical Highlights Pricing
  • Premium Tier-1 Data Network
  • 7400 RPM SATA HDDs
  • 2x160GB, 2x250GB or 250GB-RAID1
  • 2GB, 4GB or 8GB DDR SDRAM
  • Pentium DualCore or QuadCore CPUs
  • Pre-Installed APF Firewall
  • 5+ Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Pre-Built IP Tables
  • Phone Support
  • 2 Hour Hardware SLA

Essential - $199.95/mo
Advanced - $229.95/mo
Elite - $299.95/mo

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InMotion Hosting Review:


The high-end hardware InMotion Hosting uses helps keep our websites up and running. They only use Dell servers, most dedicated hosts usually piece their servers together or simply resell another company's servers. Using the high quality Dells means that the servers are tested multiple times before they're put online. The fact that they own their equipment means that they eliminate a step in getting something fixed. We've never had an issue with their servers but it's nice to know they can fix things quickly if we ever do. They also offer a 2 hour hardware replacement guarantee (SLA).


The level of technical support and customer service should be a large factor when deciding on a dedicated server host. InMotion Hosting provides a more managed solution than other dedicated server providers. Their techs and system admins are available anytime if you need help. Calls are usually answered within 30 seconds and the tickets we've submitted have been answered very quickly. This high level of support is pretty amazing and they will also help with problems other dedicated hosts usually won't.


So far in our experience InMotion Hosting's network uptime and speed has been excellent. They use what is called BGP4 routing which means they can switch bandwidth providers on the fly if one of the 3 providers they use has an issue. They also have 2 additional providers as backups in case something major were to happen with the 3 Tier1 providers. They also peer with most of the large ISPs which means they have direct connections from their datacenter to their customers' ISP network.


InMotion Hosting's servers use a fairly standard LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP) with CentOS and CPanel. Most other dedicated server hosts charge extra for CPanel and having it included for free is a nice bonus. You can also choose which versions of PHP and MYSQL you want installed and they'll take care of it for free. They pre-load their servers with APF Firewall which means you can customize your security level to your suiting. Their servers also use SATA hard drives which make a huge difference in how fast everything runs on their servers.


The price for dedicated servers through InMotion Hosting is very competitive. Some other hosts may list a lower price but will also charge extra for a control panel, support or even the operating system. With InMotion Hosting there are no hidden fees. They also do not charge a set-up fee which some other dedicated hosts do. When you take into account everything that is included (full CPanel license included, high-end hardware, 24x7 support, etc.) they provide a great value for the money.

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InMotion Hosting Awards

InMotion Hosting is a Certified Service Provider by CNET and has been since 2003. CNET is one of the largest consumer products and services review sites out there and not a lot of web hosts are certified. Also, as of this writing InMotion Hosting is listed as #1 for Most Popular Dedicated Servers, you can see the list here.
InMotion Hosting is rated as “Excellent” by the Better Business Bureau which gives us peace of mind in recommending them for Best Dedicated Servers. The BBB is a great way to verify the reputation of companies you are about to buy from. Such a high rating is a bit unusual in the web hosting industry and it tells us InMotion really do care about their reputation in providing some of the best service out there.
InMotion Hosting has received numerous awards over the years for everything from “Best Business Host” to “Most Reliable Web Hosting”. We’re happy to add our recommendation of best dedicated servers to the list.
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