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Important Factors Of Java Hosting

If you have developed your website based on java scripts then you must be in need of finding the right hosting company to run your web site. Mostly hosting firms offer JSP hosting and servlet hosting accounts as they have advanced scalable server technologies that may include Java Server Pages (JSP) and Servlets, XML and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB). The best thing about java hosting is that it will grow with your website, so there is great facility that doesnít needs you to rebuild or redeploy your core applications. Since JSP allows you to have all your dynamic applications made in simpler manner, so java hosting is the best option to go for. If we talk in terms of architecture then JSP can be viewed as high level abstraction of java servlets. Both of these applications that is JSP and Servlets were developed at Sun Microsoft systems. The process started with the development of version 1.2 of JSP and then further java pages have been developed by Java community process. As JSR 53 defines both JSP 1.2 and Servlet 2.3 specifications and JSR 152 defines the JSP 2.0 specifications. In 2006 JSP 2.1 specifications were released under JSR 245 as part of Java EE 5. JSP compiler builds JSPs in to servlets. There are two major functionalities of compiler it will either generate a servlet in Java code that is then compiled by Java compiler and it can also compile the servlet in to byte code which can be executed directly.

If you have a web application that is using any kind of java application like JSP, JSF or servlets then you are most likely to look for java hosting services. If you go for the details of java hosting you will know that it is specialized hosting to great extent. You will find that some hosts will offer shared JVMís and others will offer dedicated java hosting. Along with the price there are also other factors which are different in these two hostings. In shared hosting it is like living in a rented place where you are not allowed to perform certain actions on the other hand dedicated server is like owning your own home where you all the independenc of perform your desired tasks. In shared hosting there is a same server which is used by all web sites on that server. The advantage is the low cost you have to pay in this case but there are many limitaions in this type of hosting that include limited bandwidth, limisted disk space , shared memory etc. if you have a personal site which is not residing too much data in it or if you have small business web site which does not cater to large amount of data and heavy traffic then this can be ideal option for you. Also in shared hosting all web sites are affected by each other, if there is a problem with one or it is hacked or get corrupted then there are great chances that all other web sites on that server will also be affected. So if you are going for shared hosting then it is advisable to take backup on regular intervals to stay out of trouble.

The other form available id dedicated java hosting in this type of hosting you own your server. There is only your web site which is residing on your server so it has the advantage ofusing all the resources of that system. The organization who have to cater to large number of people and have great amount of data on their web site are more likely to avail this service since it fulfills their needs in a better way.

Now let us consider your JVM environment. When you are working with java applications then you prefer to have environemnt under your control so that you can run all your applications in a better way. Lets say you have developed some application and you want to restart your JVM then you can do it without any hurdle. You are also allowd to develop your libraries and classes according to your requirment. In your own oersonal working environment you also have the facility of modifying the configuration files for JVM, they way of its interaction with web server can be changed also. You can also define some special mapping that youjava applications may need to run or even install a different version of the JDK. Along with that your development environment is not affected at all by the computer next to you or across you. You are in full control of your server account as an administrator. In terms of web hosting, these are very similar facilities that you can also get with private JVM. You have the total control of configuring your environment according to your application needs. However, if you are using a shared JVM then you will notice that server wont immediately restart when you need it as they have to take care about other web sites on that server too.

It is noticed very frequently that user applications run loose and end up in crashing the application server, another common problem with shared java hosting is that like crashing JVM other web sites also have high risk of security. Although it is not intentional but it will definitely affect other users on that server. You also donít have the facility of using your own classes and libraries without informing and taking permission from server administrator. And when you are allowed to place them on the server then they are openly available to all the people residing on that server. So if you are working on custom java application that uses frameworks like Lenya, Struts, EJB, Shale, tapestry or any other like these then you need to go for private JVM environment. As a matter of fact in this case the best java hosting can be dedicated server, however if cost is the issue then shared hosting with private JVM is the solution for your web site, as then you will be working in comparatively independent environment.

If you are regular programmer of java and work on your own projects for profit or for fun or you want to create your own web site with java applications then you need to have a place on the server of some java hosting company to help you in this process. Mostly we see that there are php, perl support providers, but now with the passage of time there is increase in the number of java hosting companies. However, still if you need to find hosting company you must do some home work before starting your search for any hosting company. You can find the best deal if you are well aware about your needs in terms of hosting as then you can decide what package you would need.

There are three major types of java hosting available in market. These are shared hosting, vps hosting and dedicated hosting. In shared hosting all web sites are hosted on one server and they share resources of that server that include IP addresses, bandwidth etc. virtual private servers also known as vps are actually virtual partitions on one machine, but this option is better one as it allows completely separate accounts for all users with their own separate spaces. This is also low cost but better service.

Some java hosting companies call these as virtual dedicated servers, in this case each virtual server has its own IP address. Dedicated servers are the most expensive ones as in that case whole server is just bound for your web site so you have to bear all the expenses of server. We recommend that you go for virtual private servers as they are low cost and work almost like dedicated servers. They provide you root access which is very important when you need to install any application for your use. That also includes webdav, cvs or any other software you might like. In most of the cases vps server is not only your web server but also serves as your email and data base server. As a java developer, you need more access and privileges in the system. Because there is a possibility that you will need to install different software and JVM often requires restarting for the implementation of new applications and that is not possible until you have full access to your account with complete accessibility features.

With shared java hosting there is also a problem of same IP shared by all websites, so if some web site is using its mail server for bulk emailing then this IP will be banned on many sites which can cause problems for all others on that server.

When you are developing java applications then try to have as much control on your server as you can since this is your ultimate need along with other features provided by company.

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