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Managed Hosting Ė Basic Knowledge And Benefits

Managed hosting service in which a complete solution to all your problems is given by hosting provider. They are responsible for all the tasks of your server like its running and administrative problems. Managed dedicated hosting is the perfect solution for those people who are looking to have full package of services for managing there web host, including maintenance of hardware, space, software, network and all other related management issues. Managed server hosting is generally offered by those companies who are looking to have dedicated support all the time 24 / 7 along with 100% up time of web site along with certain level of control on the servers. In fully managed hosting the infrastructure, responsiveness of support and technical services provided are definitely much more then other hosting companies.

Dedicated managed web hosting has broken the traditional trend of paying the capital expenditure for purchasing and setting the hardware and software for a server instead here you have to pay for operating expenditure based model through which you have schedule of monthly payments for the services of managed dedicated server hosting. From the firmís point of view it is very similar to the case where you out source the IT and other technical support for your online business.

Managed hosting solution is ideal and perfect for large business organizations that have to focus more on their basic core business instead of maintaining their web site and servers, so they out source servers with complete management and then they donít have to worry about the maintenance and other issues related to their web host and web site as they donít have time for the management of their dedicated servers. Managed hosting companies also make sure that there are no issues of security and unmanaged stuff problems like shared hosting. On the whole the package of managed hosts may look expensive but if you calculate the cost of services they provide independently then you will realize that actually it is cost effective too, as in other case you to pay separately for technical expertise, customer support, reliable infrastructure, uptime and responsiveness but here all these facilities come along in one package in a fixed cost.

There can be many extra services and products that you can include in your package of managed web hosting service like data base administration, private networks and some security products. There are also some managed web hosting service companies which offer managed SQL server hosting services in their package. As far as server administration is concerned, customers are offered services such as load balancing, database hosting, managed storage, connectivity, monitoring of their servers and reporting. Managed web hosting solution also provides physical maintenance such as equipment services etc. with some additional fee hosting providers also normally offer software related services and packages. This is the best solution for those web masters and web companies who require complete managed services along with having control over their servers.

Actually managed web host provide services with a customized environment especially for those online business people who want to focus on their core business and want to have good maintenance of their websites and web servers. Also the greatest advantage is that all these services can be availed without spending front expenditure on web server, and you get up time of 100% most of the time and you have the guarantee that your servers would function seamlessly with maximum performance.

When a person starts to create web site on internet the first issues that struck that person are the hosting of web site. There are many hosting options available for the usage of clients like shared hosting, dedicated hosting and many other options but now days most of the people in large organizations opt for managed web hosting solution. Also there are many individuals who choose managed web site hosting due to its great benefits as it is as effective for individuals as well as for organizations. There are many companies who are offering this kind of hosting but cost can vary to great levels according to the packages and features you choose. There are many benefits of managed website hosting.

The first and biggest advantage of managed hosting cost is the reasonable pricing of the service. Many of these companied provide managed window hosting along with the services of bandwidth in marginally lower prices as compared to other kinds of hosting that makes it more affordable for individuals too. This is achieved with the fact that large scale of bandwidth is distributed evenly among many clients who require smaller bandwidths for their web sites. The usage of managed servers hosting also allow individual to save great amount of cost which hey have to pay in case of purchasing additional equipments for hosting their web site that may include servers and other networking software. Some top managed hosting firms also let their clients to place their websites on dedicated servers but in this case the monthly or annual package comes with relatively higher fee. This option is generally adopted by large companies who require great amount of bandwidth for running their websites with heavy traffic and great amount of data.

Another reason for many individuals to choose managed servers hosting is that there are many other attractive options given in the service package with many additional features. Another advantage is secure managed hosting for individuals which offers great amount of security along with monitoring services that give great facility of soling many other issues like spread of viruses, hacking or unauthorized access to customers personal information etc. It can be very costly for customers to purchase separate software and equipment for security reasons and maintain the security of servers, all this is managed by these hosting companies at very low costs. Managed web host also provide uninterrupted power supply and the back up for data to make sure that the web site runs smoothly and with out any interruption for most of the time. In fact, most of these hosting companies provide up time of almost 100% which is not possible to achieve when any individual is hosting web site on his own.

Managed hosts are providing their services for all operating systems managed linux hosting as well as for windows etc. There are some companies which have switch over to managed hosting solution from their previous some other type of hosting like colocation hosting etc. When I came to realize the fact that some companies have switched from colocation web hosting to something new called managed web host.

However, after I came to know the details of managed hosting solution I found it much simpler as compared to colocation services. In colocation services, you provide the hosting company with your own machine or server with your desired operating system installed on that server Ė depending upon the policy of your host, and their services include bandwidth and the power supply without any interruption to run your web site smoothly on internet. These severs can be of any type from computer game servers to web servers for other websites that require huge amount of resources for their operation.

There are many problems that one has to face with the scheme of colocation servicing, however, one advantage is that you have the full command and control over your server as you are providing the machine along with software installed on it. This means that you have to take care of issues like getting the right software for your website basic administration, upgrading it at regular intervals, making sure that when you are up grating then site is not down for too long, and whenever site goes down you have to run to your data center and fix the problem, where there can be the issues of timing of data center. This is very time consuming and hectic job, on the other hand managed web site hosting takes care of all these issues and you still have the total control of your sever with other people managing it for you.

This whole process is very time consuming but it is very vital for running your website of ecommerce or any other kind of web site. Actually you are at big risk if you donít have proper expertise and you are going for colocation services, as your web site is at the risk of getting hacked all the time, security of your web site and data on internet are not childís play one has to be very professional to deal with these issues.

Fully managed hosting is the solution to all these kinds of problems, it bridges the gap between colocation and the ease of use of standard services you need for your web site. Managed hosts provide you with great uptime guarantee, 24/7 technical support and all other basic tools required for the administration of your website. So at the end you have complete control over your server along with the great management facilities.

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