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Shared Web Hosting Ė Get Your Package Of Web Hosting In Low Cost

Websites are actually placed on computers running 24/7. These computers are called servers. These servers have special programs in them so that they can respond to all calls coming from internet. Every server has its own unique IP address. IP address consists of four numbers that are separated by dots. Actually this address is used to identify the location of any website on internet.

Shared hosting plan is the one in which same server or computer is shared by many websites as a source. Different places are allocated to different websites but they are all residing and sharing the assets of one server or one computer system. In shared web hosting all websites are given equal space on disk, bandwidth and IP addresses. The administrators of shared host keep check on monthly basis to make sure that all websites are getting the equal space on disk and allocated bandwidth. Any excessive use by any website is handled with penalty to them. Some web sites are even closed and some are pushed back to their limits varying from case to case. Web hosts perform this check to provide adequate and good services to all their clients of shared hosting.

There are different servers for different operating systems. You can have linux shared hosting if you are working with Linux as your back end system. You can also have Shared linux web hosting in comparatively low costs. You can also have windows shared hosting if that matches your requirement. All in all cheap shared web hosting has something for all kinds of clients according to their requirements. Read the shared hosting reviews before you sign up for shared hosting with any firm. As there are number of offers to choose from, if you want to get the best shared hosting then you must perform some search and learn about the different aspects and types such as reseller shared hosting to get the best offer according to your demands for your self.

There are some risks involved in shared server hosting, the servers who operate for shared hosting have to deal with great number of traffic on daily basis coming from different websites through one server. When there is too much load of traffic on one single server then it will start responding in much lower speed due to heavy load. If the traffic on your website is too high then it is recommendable to go for dedicated server to avoid the problems. Any activity by any website residing on the server affects the over all service of the server. It is more like a domino effect, letís say if some website runs a script which is corrupt or banned due to spamming strategies, then all the websites residing on that server will have to bear the circumstances as they are all running from same IP address.

Generally, shared web hosting service is cheaper than the other ones because in this case same server and resources of that one particular computer as shared by many websites, so that what basically makes shared hosting so low in cost and affordable. Many times the charges of shared website hosting are as low as $2 per month. But to full fill all your requirements you have to perform a thorough search on these companies to select the needed one for your web site and that matches your requirements. If you are not very familiar with the terms of web hosting then there are chances that you might find it difficult to understand the specifications mentioned by these hosting companies. There are hundreds of web sites offering thousands of packages for web site hosting. Along with shared hosting you may also come across terms like dedicated servers or dedicated hosting, actually it is suitable for big web sites with loads of traffic. Shared web hosting service is basically for small business operators, as it cannot bear the load of very heavy traffic and also there are some other factors like getting effected by other websites wrong deeds that make it unsuitable for large scale websites.

Virtual web hosting is another type of shared hosting in which there is combination of virtual and shared server. Actually, the software on web server enables it to infringement to several other virtual servers. So at the end, there is a myriad of many servers in one computer system that you are paying for. If you go for virtual private server, then this plan can cost you more than the regular shared hosting plan. But still that is not so much that it becomes unaffordable or completely out of hands, dedicated server hosting plan still remains the most expensive one.

It is evident that shared website hosting is the most affordable plan to go for. It can even cost you amazingly less than $10 per month along with many other extra features that sometimes even include free domain name. In reality these shared hosting plan are most inexpensive ones to choose and there are countless websites available on internet that give you a wide variety to choose from.

It is not very easy to find best shared hosting although there are great numbers of choices available. Actually many people get deceived by the extremely low cost packages offered by web hosting companies, so they donít bother to go for the detailed analysis of company and find themselves in trouble after signing up for the service. However, it is not that hard to find reliable shared web hosting service, but one has to make an effort to get the real deal.

There are some key points that you must keep in mind and check with your service provider before making the final deal. You must perform features check before you sign up for their service, there is no point of joining the service if they donít allow you to perform your desired tasks. Some firms offer very limited packages and allow only one site against one account. But there are many shared web hosting firms which will allow you to have as many web sites as you want to host against one account, mostly without any extra charges.

You must also check the uptime of your website. That means that how much time your web site is active and accessible through internet. Although no service provider can give you up time of 100% but it should be in nineties, if the up time of any server is below that then it is not advisable to go for their services.

Also have a close look at the system of customer and technical support of the company before hiring them as your web server. Many times you encounter problems in your web site and nothing can be more irritating then to know that there is no one to listen to your problem. There is no pricing for this facility; in fact it must be part of your basic package.

You will notice that there are many companies offering their services with unlimited bandwidth and space for as much web sites as you require. Now apparently it seems like you can put your web site of very heavy traffic on these shared hosting servers but actually that is not the case, there are many other technical aspects you need to know before making this decision. As only bandwidth and space is highlighted by firms so people donít see any other aspect than these two. The most important factor is of Resource usage and in most cases shared web hosting service will not enclose the details.

There are three factors which are considered in resource usage in shared hosting plan.

The first point to consider is the CPU usage. As it is the main factor in the process of delivering the content to user. If you have blog or forum where there is loads of data, then your site will require more CPU usage, and if there are too many web sites hosted on the same server then the respond speed will be slow. Many times web hosting providers then suspend web sites which are taking too much CPU processing.

2nd most important aspect to look forward to is the RAM. Most of the time shared web hosting service is not able to tell you how much RAM is allocated for your usage, as they are hosting too many websites on same server. But this factor can also slow down the access to your website.

Another important factor is the connection of MySql/Data base. Data base is the place where your website is residing. When some content of website is requested by user then the query is linked to data base and results are shown to viewer through internet. But if there is too much load on data base then there are chances that it will run out of resources.

So before you choose any shared website hosting you must check in all above mentioned aspects to avail the best package for your website.

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