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Email hosting the revolution

The world has been using the messaging system for a long age, first it started from letters and then as the things advanced, there was fax. But the system that really revolutionized the communication system was the electronic mail. Short named as email. This system was unique and first of its kind, it allowed you to write long contexts, and as the text is the smallest content and occupies the least space hence it transfer from the internet was a simple task. Hence the message you send to the other person could be delivered to the other person within minutes.

This was the first and the fastest system of communication and that is the reason why many people later joined the circle of email hosting. The services at the beginning were rather expensive, charging you on the monthly or yearly basis. Let us start from the beginning of how this system has evolved and how email hosting and email domain hosting has had a big boom and is still at large. So let us start from the basic thing, having an email address is way more convenient than having a cell phone number, and the added advantage of using it anywhere which the cell phone coverage doesnít allow without the heavy roaming charges. Email address as the people understood was there online potable space, with the advanced spam filters and the password protection system, cracking the password and hacking the mail system became extremely difficult.

From the days where it all began there were two types of packages that were given by the email host to the customers, they were bulk mail hosting service and the business hosting service. How the system works is that the email company buys the email hosting package and then devises packages and plans and accordingly sells it to the users, for a specific amount of money. In the start when hotmail started to give it services, there was the added advantage of firstly better spam filters, and after that came more space and more attachment size and quick and secure delivery. This was the business email hosting and then there was the bulk email hosting, which was for the simple user, the space was less and the attachment size was negligible. This was to promote the business email package as that was more profitable for the email host. The email hosting services with the gradual pass of time became available to various people and the companies in order to give attract more customers, offered more space and attachment size, as that was the basic demand. The next thing was that email hosting services became cheaper and more widely known in the planet. Hence web hosting email services became an easier and simpler procedure.

There was just one simple complication that is being worked upon even today. It was the compatibility issue; letís look at the email clients at first, the Outlook Express which has been made for Windows doesnít work on the Linux, while those running on the Linux cannot work on the Windows. Then there were some applications such as IBMís Lotus Notes that were supported on both Windows and Linux. As these clients were platform dependant, new web clients that were compatible on both separate platforms were developed. However the charges for such application and there bugs were a problem that itself was difficult to handle. Now the next thing is the difference in the server technology, there are three types of basic server setting POP3, IMAP and HTTP. Each system and server has been selected by different email hosts, such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo and other services. The thing with these services is that usually all the settings from the server have to be uploaded to the web client in order to receive and send your mails. As every of the above three mentioned server setting has its advantages and disadvantages, hence the firms according to their customer requests and companies policy establish these server systems. Now the HTTP system was introduced at the end, however the IMAP system has always had a lead over POP3 due to its convenient system of viewing everything on the server and you donít have to download it to your desktop; which by the way you will have to do for every different computer.

To see whether you have the best email hosting you can check its rating online. After you have a hosting package, you can choose to make the perfect combination of space and attachments, as well as mix other features to the whole mailbox to give it a perfect look. But the thing is that if you are getting your hosting package at a low price, that is you have a cheap email hosting package, only then you can send more money on your site and provide better services. It should be kept in mind that as your customer will evaluate and will have plenty of choices about their email client, you to have a lot of options regarding your email hosting firm. You should compare email hosting plans before investing in them. Some of the email hosts have corporate email hosting that means that you can have the suffix named after your company name and can have certain number of those email addresses and then become an email host. This will add to the organizations identity and can be an added advantage for the employees that are being hired.

Now coming on the part of how this industry has been laid out, the thing is that email hosting company have had been in business for ages. The thing is that besides these companies there are also comparison companies who have the task of making and analyzing email hosting comparison charts and stats. This is not only good for them but also for all the companies and the customers that are planning to buy one of these packages. All the email hosting plans are thoroughly checked and all over feedback are also taken into account and then the final result of the best email hosting package is then decided. The email hosting provider is also a prime reason for the decision about the package. As every email hosting provider has repute in the market, the overall result is greatly dependent on that email hosting provider. Certain customers have space on the server that is not in their use hence they sell their space to other customers and this is known as email hosting reseller. These packages can be relatively cheap and that is an advantage for all the people who are looking to start email hosting service. The email hosting site should be such that the customer is always comfortable about his investment in your site. Exchange email hosting is a new concept that has arrived in the recent years and has ruled the world because of its innovation and style. What the system does is give you the opportunity to transfer different e-mail accounts information.

Web hosting e-mail services is an easy task. The complexities of the procedures have removed and that is the reason that many email hosting companies have sprung up in the recent years. The best email hosting company is which gives its customer the chance to assess his entire situation and then have the opportunity to get the best package in the world. There have been different business email hosting reviews, each of which have been designed by different professionals who have had years of experience in the field. The thing however is that email hosting accounts have been the basic part of this rating session and that is the reason, many firms to get the upper hand have also start giving the virtual email hosting services which is similar to the normal services. However there is one major difference. And the difference is what makes it a different package. Virtual packages are not subjected to any area; they exist as a whole package.

To sum up the whole content, firstly I would like to acknowledge the fact that, indeed big names such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo have been on the scene for a long time now and people who are providing the email hosting services are usually with the combination of web hosting. This will allow you to make and give out email addresses to people who further become your customers. The thing however is that one should be really careful, if your mail services are same as the other one; you are not giving any incentive to the customer to shift to your package. Hence it is equally important to monitor all the markets condition and then come up with the appropriate package. Never be afraid to explore and make a leap for the next step, you may find difficulty in the process but I assure you things will get better. Just follow the basic guidelines. The first thing you need to do is when you get the email hosting service. Think of the end suffix, which obviously would be your domain name, after that comes the part of how the system is going to be in place. The next thing is how much space and attachment size you offer them, keeping in mind that Gmail keeps increasing it space, every second and Yahoo and Hotmail offer you standard 5 GB of space along with 25 MB of attachment size. Hence keeping these in mind, and make sure that you keep the user updated with the latest happening on the domain via email notifications, so the user actually think that his email service is actually benefiting him by keeping him updated about the latest thing.

Eventually following all the tips you will find that email hosting will further enhance and revolutionize the entire webhosting procedure that you have got going. This is indeed such a service.

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