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IX Web Hosting has the unlimited hosting plan you need to explode your online business or personal site.

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IX Web Hosting : In Brief

An out-of-the-box solution for any up and coming ecommerce site or small business. Lock in a hosting account and get your own dedicated IP address and ecommerce solutions, and welcome in the unexpected with Windows hosting at the same price and reliability as Linux hosting!


IX Web Hosting offers free domain registrations with each hosting plan, from 1 domain up to 3 with each plan level. Regardless of your plan you can host unlimited domains with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Need a dedicated IP address with your hosting plan? Try one dedicated IP with the budget plan, or up to 15 dedicated IPs with their featured Unlimited Pro Hosting.


We’re really stretching it here, but the shorter term commitments to plans (3 and 6 months) come with a $30.00 setup, and deeper discounted rates begin with the 24 and 36 month plans.

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IX Web Hosting Shared Hosting Plans

Features Business Plus Unlimited Pro Expert
Price Per Month $7.95 $7.95 $3.95
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Transfer Per Month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated IP Addresses 3 15 1
Free Domain Registration 2 3 1
Windows Hosting Yes Yes No
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* - All plans include toll-free phone support, email support, and 24X7 technical support.

Two words describe the wonderment of IX Web Hosting: Windows and IPs. If you have been a web site developer battling any search engine for placement, you already know the importance a dedicated IP address can make on your longevity and resilience in the SERPs. It does not take many bad apples riding on your server, sharing your IP address to get you black listed from Google. The option of multiple dedicated IP addresses is a brilliant move and is pro-active in your site’s success.

Windows Hosting again is another area that will either make you love your web host, or hate them with a passion. If your host carries Windows Plans at all, then you run the risk of having zero reliable support for your site, since Microsoft Windows Hosting is such a beast. On the other hand, the powerful server-side tools you can use or even create open opportunities to maximize the full potential of your web server. Windows hosting comes with access to ColdFusion MX, another rare language that many web hosting service providers do not support.

IX Web Hosting contrary to most hosts, does not stack their customers deep and sell their plans cheap. While the hosting plans are extremely economical, customer support is the cornerstone to IX’s success.

Price & Value:

Presently, Business Plus and Unlimited Pro hosting plans are both priced the same, at $7.95 per month. Your Unlimited Pro plan comes with an extra free domain registration and 12 more dedicated IP addresses than the Business Plus option. All around the Unlimited Pro does give you a better deal with the extra freebies, even at the normal monthly price of $12.95.

Value? IX Web Hosting’s value is one of the top amongst hosting providers outside of dedicated hosting plans. The mere offering multiple dedicated IPs and Windows Hosting with top class customer and technical support make this host, and their hosting plans a great investment in your web site and online business’s success.

Technical and Customer Support:

Technical and customer support both are available in your personal favorite method: online chat, email, and phone support. Each of these three solutions is available 24 hours a day seven days per week. OS Specific specialists to handle different server and web site complications make for fast response times with satisfactory results. While you may encounter the additional step of speaking with a more general purpose support person who is familiar with hosting accounts, you will quickly be routed to the specific source you need.

IX Web Hosting prides itself in excellent customer support. More web hosting clients agree that IX Web Hosting customer and technical support is ahead of the curve and one of the fastest responding teams available.


Windows hosting plans will have the addition of ColdFusion MX to the regular list of scripting languages and programs – while the Linux flavor of hosting accounts will have access to Ruby on Rails.

Regardless of your server preference you will also enjoy Fast CGI Support, ASP and ASP.NET, PHP, Perl and various databases. Windows gives you a few additional options for databases as well, opening up MS Access and MS SQL 2005, both with ODBC/DSN. Again both platforms have PostgreSQL and MySQL with phpMyAdmin or phpPgAdmin respectively for editing your trusted information.

If your web site is used for selling your online and offline goods you will be excited to know that you have access to SSL Secure Server, a Shared SSL Certificate and of course Site-Back-Ups.

Finally, if you are a one-stop-shop lover, you’ll appreciate the domain management tools for your free or separately purchased domains from IX Web Hosting.

Bottom Line:

IX Web Hosting is a playing field leveler. With all the tools you need to run virtually any kind of web site, and at $7.95 per month, there is no way you can go wrong. You can sample IX’s wares with a slight three month contract, or save a lot of cash with the 36 month plans. We think you’ll find that once you get to know IX Web Hosting and use their products to help make your own site productive and profitable, you won’t even dream about leaving them. The price of the Unlimited Pro hosting plan, even at full price $12.95 per month, is cheaper than the lease on 15 dedicated IP addresses. You’re practically making money on the deal!

Rating: 9.9 / 10
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