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unix web hosting – most affordable one in industry

Unix website hosting is the most commonly used hosting of today. Unix basically is a operating system architecture for may open source companies that include Solaris (Sun), Linux (GNU) and many others. It is the best choice for mid frame computer users and has been used for years. Unix hosting is considered as more reliable and more available one due to its open source nature. Unix server hosting has gained its popularity due to the stability of its operating system. You will often see that both of these terms are wide used and they refer to the same type of hosting solution. When you are going to select hosting environment for your web hosting services the main factor that you should look for is what functions and programming languages will be required for your web site. Most of the time it is the choice between the usage of ASP or PHP, asp works on windows platform where as php works with UNIX platform. For the rest of web sites which are created in HTML or those who have dynamic pages and have no or little data base the choice of unix web site hosting is the best option. Unix web hosting provider is also the best choice if you want to use languages like Php, Perl and Python for the development of your web site.

Hosting on unix is associated with great security, high performance and reliability. It is an open source system, which means that you can get its source code from many public web sites. In addition to the basic free source code, the unix hosting provider also gives its clients with many other tools for free that have been developed for some community by programmers. These firms are more technically oriented and most of the time they design systems according to the requirements of the customer. It is very cost effective choice in terms of complexity and due to its very efficient use of hardware. Cheap unix hosting has become first choice of many people due to its high quality performance and low cost budget. This also enables more web sites per server ratio that results in an immense decrease in the cost of hosting. So that is the basic reason that unix linux hosting plans are much cheaper than windows hosting plans.

For those people who are more concerned about the web sites of e commerce, unix hosting plans come with many great tools like free shopping cart etc. Web sites hosted in this set up have very high up time which is 99.9% or more than that. That is why the people of ecommerce industry consider best unix hosting as their ultimate and best choice for their web sites of e commerce. There is one major problem with using unix hosting, and that is most of the time unix hosting provider gives you access to your account through SSH or Telnet. Also it is very important to consider your own technical abilities before making a choice about operating system on web hosting servers. If you want to do customization beyond the basic needs then you must have the knowledge about commands. You just have to spend sometime in learning the basics before you can utilize this hosting to complete level.

Unix hosting must be your ultimate choice if you are using php scripting for your web site and also if you have web site developed with very basic HTML tags. This option is much more affordable as compared to windows hosting due to concept of open source programming. Actually whether your web site is hosted on windows web server or unix web site hosting the process of moving your files to the server is almost the same. Many people are confused about the differences between these two types of hosting services. Actually both windows web hosting servers and unix hosting provider access the same data files so the major difference is how the software is handling the data in those files.

Most of the web site hosting providers use some versions of unix based software which has made the services of unix more common acroos the world. The operating systems which are mostly used on unix shared hosting include Linux and FreeBSD as both of these are available free of cost and without any licensing fee. That is the main reason that hosting on unix servers is very low cost. On the other hand windows operating system cost thousand of dollars that is why some hosting companies demand extra charges if you want to host your web site on windows server, even if they have both of the systems in place. When we compare unix hosting with windows hosting then the major and first difference is between the softwares that are used with Unix operating system and windows operating system. There are many specific applications developed by Microsoft which can be run only on windows operating system those applications include VBScripts, ASP and MS Access. As unix servers are not able to run these programs so they need windows platform. If your web site is based on MS Access, VB Script or ASP then you need to have windows web hosting to run these applications. Unix is also able to deliver same kind of dynamic results but with the use of different programs such as CGI,php and Mysql. These technologies are also available on window servers as well as unix servers.

As there is extra cost required to set up and run windows based web hosting, so many web hosting companies offer this option only with windows dedicated server, as the rates of dedicated servers are very high. This is another reason of windows hosting being so costly as the cost of dedicated server it self is very high with any operating system on it like Unix, Linux or windows. Most of the free of cost hosting services or cheap hosting services will be running on unix hosting providers. This is again due to the fact that unix hosting allows you to run free tolls and software and so this commercial benefit is passed on to clients in terms of low cost of hosting, and even free accounts of web hosting which many companies provide who have low traffic on their web site and utilize less disk space. Another great advantage of unix website hosting as compared to windows hosting is that there are many choices for clients in terms of web hosting providers. In addition to that it is seen that unix severs are more reliable and stable as compared to windows servers, which is very important point when you have your business web site hosted on these web servers.

If you are in need of deciding which web host is the best choice for your web site then you must have the proper idea bout your needs of web site. You must have noticed that many hosting service providers offer unix linux hosting or windows hosting or some offer hosting services with both of these systems.

Now you need to know the difference between these to select the best one for your self which fulfills your demands. The first point you should clear to your self is that you don’t need to have windows hosting if you have pc running this operating system at home or have unix hosting because you have Mac running unix, instead the HTML code and java script that you upload on the server are most important, the output against these codes would be same generated by any of these operating systems, actually the difference is between the method of up loading files.

Unix web hosting uses unix based operating systems which was actually developed to be used on servers, this kind of hosting is generally cheap than windows hosting, because most of the web hosting providers are using Linux, which is open source free of cost version of Unix. So, host doesn’t have to spend thousands of dollars as licensing fee etc to Microsoft. There is great advantage of using open source software as any programmer can make changes in them and use them exactly according to his requirements. So this can be customized software for your web server functioning exactly according to your needs. This feature of being open source has also helped unix in evolving as bug free system over the years.

Unix website hosting is currently most widely used service as it has low cost, great functionality and you can customize it for your needs. There are continuously updates and new content being added to unix as there is no license or permission required to perform the task, as a result the systems based on unix are known for their stability and ability to run for very long period of time without having the need of reboot. So it requires less maintenance and attention from technicians. Unix is affordable, stable and secure system to be used on servers and that is why it is used most widely these days.

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