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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing

Online Marketing with Search Engine Optimization

Increasing personal, business and corporate website traffic through the use of Search Engine Marketing is a great way to produce sales and convert prospective clients, into buying customers. Use the power of the search engines to your advantage by simply engineering your site for optimal viewing. Site preparation can be done very easily during the building process, but can be done at any time. Search Engine Marketing includes Link Building, Quality Content and proper template design.

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Link Building
One thing that search engines look for are links going to your site. There are two kinds of links that we will look at here, inbound links and reciprocal links. Links serve at least two purposes: validity based on the "quality" of links, and a method of reaching your site.

When you receive links from another site there is a relevancy check that happens. That is, your search engine inspecting your pages will check that the two sites are somewhat related. For instance a website design firm linking to a web hosting site, is categorized differently than a car manufacturer linking to a pet store web site. Another thing that is looked at is whether you link back to the site linking to you, this is called a reciprocal link - meaning that you have an agreement most likely with that otter site to link to each other. In these cases your link typically has nothing to do with the subject matter or contextual links, therefore your link will not be as valuable as one that does not reciprocate.

Quality Content
Have you heard the phrase, "Content is King"? Well the phrase is 100% accurate in the realm of your web site. You are looking to market your pages and attract readers or shoppers. Typically your traffic increases from word-of-mouth advertising, or from Search Engine Marketing. In both cases it is easier to get the prospective client to your site, then it is to convince them to purchase something - without something to convince them of staying long enough to check you out.

Your content needs to be informational, accurate and timely. Provide the user with your topic-specific information, build some reliability in your pages, and a reason for them to return. Use content, or write content that is not just spam looking to gain favor with a search engine because you are using a lot of keywords that you want to rank for. Remember this is "quality content". Which brings us to the last point, that being timely content - keep your content up to date, again giving your visitor a reason to return to your pages and check for the latest information. Search engines will return also - so this is important.

Template Design
Coming in last, but certainly not least is a good template design. The first thing you need to consider is what you are competing against. From a pure business standpoint, your web site should be better than your competitor's. Aside from features and customer approval, what you are looking for is a minimum amount of code in your source and keeping as much relevant marking data, such as content, at the top. This is for the Search Engines to find the information they need as fast as possible - Search Engine Bots are all about gathering and taking home to Momma Search Engine, and are under a curfew to boot. Your web pages should not take more than three or four seconds to completely load.

Search Engine Marketing Firms

Can you have this kind of work done for you? The answer is a resounding: YES. However you do need to understand what you want your results from Search Engine Marketing to be - and what you are willing to pay. You need to know that this process takes time to implement, and then there is some time when you are just sitting and waiting for results. Luckily while you are waiting - you can see the results through Search Engine Tells. One company that understands these Tells well and can structure or re-structure an SEO Marketing plan to suit, is 1-Hit.com 1-Hit.com has been creating quality web pages and increasing traffic for over 6 years - with an administrative staff that has been keeping abreast of search engine algorithm changes and compensating for these adjustments - all for the better.

1-Hit.com has made a name for itself by modernizing a theory they call Three Way Linking, which is a method of creating reciprocal links, with the proven effects from quality inbound links. For the web site administrators or companies that can spend a little extra time in their SEO Marketing 1-Hit.com has proven themselves with increased traffic and resulting in increased millions of dollars in sales throughout the course of their careers.

SEO Articles

Newbie’s Guide to SEO
What is SEO? SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. This is a key tool to having search engine users find your site. Who needs SEO? To put it simply, if you have a website, you need SEO.

SEO Bloopers: Common Mistakes
SEO bloopers happen all the time. Do not make the same, common mistakes, that everyone else makes. You can do that by following the following simple things, and you will not tumble into the same pits as others have.

Top 10 SEO Tricks
These are the top ten SEO tricks you should know when optimizing your site for search engines. These tricks will help score your site to a high position on the rankings.

How Search Engines Rank Sites
Each search engine ranks differently. In the past, search engines such as Altavista or Excite used a system that was based on page content, formatting, and the content of metadata tags.

Advanced SEO Techniques: Be #1
Ok, so we know that there are techniques to optimizing your site for search engines. Nevertheless, those techniques will only get you close to the number one spot on the list. So, what will get you to number one?

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