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Colocation Hosting

Colocation server hosting gives its customers two benefits of security and the facility of dedicated server. It also enables user to have complete control over the scalability and also the control of their hardware. So in colocation web hosting the host allows the user to put there hardware in there data center which is completely secure and also equipped with all latest technologies and also offer dedicated internet connections, regulated power and full time technical support. This ensures that the user is getting full up time and high security. These security features may include cameras, fire extinguishers, backup power generators, filtered power and multiple connections.

It is very important to have proper idea about your requirements and facilities that you will need from hosting server, so that you know that you will need colocation host or not, and even if you need it then with what specifications you are in position of making a deal. It will also help you about the future needs of your web site, so you can see the prices and other specifications of add-ons offered by your host. What kind of data security you will need for data storage, what are the types of security offered by the hosting company. All this will go in to your favor and will save you loads of time and money so that you can manage your work while staying well within your budget.

As a user of collocated server hosting you must have an idea about where your server will be located physically, it is also of great importance to have 24/7 support system. And your server is in safe hands in the locality with all needed safety measures in the hands of skilled people, who know how to do their job. If you are allowed to visit the locality of your server only within the office hours of the hosting company then you might fall in trouble in case your web site goes down after there office hours. This could be big loss for you as you will not be able to retrieve your web site until and unless people are back in office.

Another important aspect of colocation server is to find out how your server is connected. There are two main kinds of connections available, first is the connection from your website to the server which determines the speed of the systems and the other is the connection between your server and internet. The first one determines the accessibility speed where as the 2nd one determines the bandwidth and ultimately how much traffic can be handled on your web site. You must also make sure that the facility of your server is well equipped with 24 hour armed security, uninterrupted power supply etc.

Basically, colocation host is very similar to the unmanaged dedicated hosting server, with the difference of ownership of server, as here it is owned by client and by the hosting company. That is the main reason that makes co location server hosting much cheaper as compared to the dedicated hosting.

Also in colocation servers you donít have to pay for rentals of the server. Most of the time this rent is dependant upon the rack space taken by your system and charge according to the per GB of data transfer which is normally taken in the same way as in normal web hosting plan. You must make sure with your colocation host that your server is rack mountable since this is the only type which is acceptable by most of the hosting providers. You must also have the proper knowledge of basics of hosting like colocation bandwidth and dedicated server colocation so that you are able to manage your server on your own, because colocation servers provide very minimal support. Another important issue to be sorted out between you and your colocation hosting is the timing of your visits. Try to get 24 hours permission for visiting the data center, so that you are able to handle any problems in your server anytime.

All in all co location hosting is another form of dedicated web hosting but in this case you are the owner of your own server, so along with getting all the benefits of dedicated server hosting you have more options available for modification of server because that is your own property. Although here you need much more expertise with server hosting than you require in dedicated hosting where all activities are managed by hosting firm itself.

When you have to take hosting for your web site, the biggest question is to decide whether you will go for co location hosting or data center hosting or not. Both are basically the same. Co-location facilities are actually data centers but not all data centers provide the facility of co-location. Some data centers donít allow any kind of equipment to be co-located in their premises but they still allow users to purchase dedicated hosting from there servers. Basically data centers are brick and a mortar facility where your equipment is placed that allows remote user access and other computer related services. Co-location is the process of placing or housing all of this data and information some where else, rather than these data centers which are the property of hosting companies.

There are many benefits attached with colocation host. One of the major benefits of colocation server is the increased security of your equipment, as the data center is responsible for the security of your server and the sensitive data residing in it. These data centers have high measures of security and they are monitored 24/7 and 7 days a week, so that is the most secure place for your server.

There is cost efficiency involved in this process as you donít need to have a building for your computers. Also the companies of hosting get benefit as they just provide you some rack space in their already existing building, and get rent against there service. They need to have this building for their own servers so this is an additional income to help their business. Another big advantage of co location hosting is that you get your own bandwidth, RAM and many other important hardware facilities completely as your own and you donít have to share any of these. So ultimately all your servers will work at their best capacity and speed.

As the co-location involves dedicated servers which are regularly monitored and placed in the highest quality facilities so the hosting client is sure that the services they are purchasing are 100% trust worthy and reliable. The basic concept of co-location is to give an independent location for the placement of servers to client. This facility ultimately enables you to have your data or equipment hosted by some specific data center. Instead of that you can host your data and all the equipment wherever you need to place and run smoothly without any restrictions. If you opt for the co-location of your server then your physical business is sure to be in safe hands where it can run with full efficiency and effectiveness.

Another big advantage of having colocation server is that you can upgrade your system whenever you want to or change it according to your requirements whenever there is need for change in your business. It is not like you have to pay hosting company and take additional or changed packages to implement the required changes, by investing more money.

If we compare co location hosting with others we will come to know the long term and short term effectiveness of the service. Although I donít recommend it for small business web sites or personal websites, where there is not much data or traffic to be handled. These small web sites can be handled through regular hosting packages in cheap rates, there are many hosting companies which will provide good hosting services in affordable rates. If you donít require a larger space there is no need to invest in purchasing heavy equipments.

However, if you are running a website of heavy traffic, or in other case if your web site has loads of data to be handled then the options like dedicated hosting and colocation hosting are good options for your business. If your traffic of site is very heavy then shared or regular kinds of hosting can create problems for you, as they canít handle the load of too much traffic. In terms of large business you have funds to invest in larger equipment then co locatin hosting is your best choice, as here you have full command and control of your system along with the proper management of equipments done by the people of data center. Try to have your expertise in the field of hosting servers before going for this option of hosting as here you have to manage your server by yourself.

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