Shortlist of the Best Web Hosting Companes

Rank #1
InMotion HostingInMotion Hosting Rating 9.9 InMotion web hosting is high-powered and high-quality. This company delivers fast and reliable service that is sure to impress... InMotionHosting review
Rank #2
JustHost HostingJustHost Hosting Rating 9.9 JustHost includes an Anytime Money Back Guarantee and reliable customer support. JustHost review
Rank #3
IX HostingIX Web Hosting Rating 9.9 InMotion web hosting is high-powered and high-quality. This company delivers fast and reliable service that is sure to impress... InMotionHosting review
Rank #4
iPowerwebiPowerweb Rating 9.8 Ipowerweb is top-of-the-line! This web hosting provider gives its customers the tools they need to design, promote, and maintain world-class, high-profit web sites. iPowerweb review
Rank #5
BlueHostBlueHost Rating 9.0 If you want excellent bandwidth and disk storage for an affordable price, you need to check out Blue Host. This award-winning company will meet your web hosting needs with its feature-packed hosting package. BlueHost review
Rank #6
StartlogicStartlogic Rating 9.1 offers reliable and consistent web hosting for incredible value. Whether you're building a family web site or a business web site, is a great choice. Startlogic review
Rank #7
HostgatorHostgator Rating 9.3 Incredible, reliable, powerful -- that's Hostgator. This web hosting provider claims that it 'eats up the competition' and that's the truth! Hostgator review
Rank #8
HostMonsterHostMonster Rating 9.5 HostMonster has been in the web hosting business since 1996 and is a well-known and trusted name in the industry. HostMonster review
Rank #9
PowwebPowweb Rating 9.2 PowWeb is a highly experienced web hosting provider. This company knows how to provide its customers with powerful and reliable service.  review
Rank #10
WebHostingPadWebHostingPad Rating 9.7 offers the best web hosting service for incredible price. Webhostingpad's all inclusive plan is fit for personal to any business owner.. WebHostingPad review
Rank #11
GlobatGlobat Rating 9.8 Globat offers the superior, reliable and affordable Web Hosting to individual and small ecommerce businesses... Globat review
Rank #12
DotsterDotster Rating 9.2 Dotster is dedicated to providing its customers with reliable and user-friendly web hosting solutions as well as quality, efficient support.
Rank #13
Dot5HostingDot5Hosting Rating 9.0 Dot5Hosting is more than just budget web hosting. This reseller of iPowerWeb will give you high-quality, reliable service for a really low price. Dot5Hosting review
Rank #14
MidPhaseMidPhase Rating 8.9 MidPhase Services is a provider of shared, budget, dedicated, and advanced web hosting solutions for a wide range of clients. From personal web sites to e-commerce web sites, MidPhase has your hosting needs covered.  review
Rank #15
Omnis HostingOmnis Hosting Rating 8.3 Omnis started out in the web hosting business in 1999 and has been providing its customers with quality service ever since. Omnis Hosting review
Rank #16
Yahoo! HostingYahoo! Rating 8 Yahoo's web hosting service provides tools and features that are great for both personal and professional web sites. Yahoo! Hosting review
Rank #17
1 & 1 Hosting1 & 1 Hosting Rating 7.3 1 & 1 and has been in the web hosting business for more than a decade and underwent international expansion beginning in June 2000. 1 & 1 Hosting review
Rank #18
AN HostingAN Hosting Rating 7.1 As members of the BBB Online Reliability Program, this company's credibility and outstanding service are well-established. AN Hosting review
Rank #19
NetfirmsNetfirms Rating 7.0 Netfirms has been keeping customers happy since its establishment in 1998. This company offers numerous services such as domain name registration, Internet marketing, and web hosting. Netfirms review
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Web Hosting Reviews: top web hosting companies reviewed

When you read website hosting reviews as a beginner or newbie on internet the first thing that comes to your mind is what is web hosting? Actually whenever you visit a website you see a page in your browser. You can open page of any website in your browser by typing its address in the browser window, actually website is combinations of many pages. These WebPages are stored on web servers as a whole website altogether. These may include different kinds of graphics and texts.

So, if you want to launch your own website definitely you need a host or server for your website. When your website goes online through these web servers then other users are able to browse it through internet. There are specific companies who are providing these services to the owners of web sites and those companies are called web hosting companies. It is advisable to read the website hosting review before you select it as your sever. The well established hosting companies may host thousands of web sites at a time, web site hosting reviews can give you complete information about the servers of that particular hosting firm.

Some big web hosting companies have millions of web sites running on internet through their servers, if you read hosting review of any particular huge hosting firm you will know that there are big capacity computers used to store these websites, those computers are called servers. There is special place, building in which these computers reside which is called the data center of that particular web hosting firm. Data centers are operational in 24 hours a day. There is great care of these centers as if server goes down due to any reason it can consequently affect many websites on internet. So these buildings have high security systems in place along with fire protection, virus detection highly sophisticated software which are able to eliminate the virus without effecting the data on server, HVAC temperature control, data backup for computer, complete disaster recovery capabilities and redundant power backup.

There are many different types of web hosting available in market, you can learn by reading web site hosting review of different websites to know about the different kinds of hosting firms. Host reviews not only make you learn about different kinds of hostings, pros and con of different hosting companies but through these hosting review you can choose the best company for your website. Here in this host review I am explaining some major kinds of web hosting.

First type we come across and read almost in all domain hosting reviews is shared hosting. In some web host reviews you will read the word virtual hosting, actually shared hosting is also called virtual web hosting. In this type of web hosting many web sites share the space on same web server, it depends on the web host, one physical computer or server is capable of hosting hundreds of websites at a time. Now the question is can a single web server host too many sites at a time and still not effect the performance of these sites, well generally these servers are equipped with latest technology in use and high speed, big capacity memories so they can run these websites without any trouble, but if the load on server is much more than its capacity then there are problems for users who are browsing those websites as the response of server is slow.

However, well reputed web hosting with good web host review in to their credit by customers, will never sacrifice interruption in their operational websites. So they keep close check on the capacity of servers and add new ones if there is a need. Since in shared web hosting all the resources of computer like processors, disk space, bandwidth and memory are shared by many websites so, the rates of shared web hosting are comparatively lower. Generally it is evident that the speed of websites running from shared hosts is slow. All Honest hosting reviews will reveal this fact. Generally the rate of shared web hosting is some where in between $5 to $20 per month. In free web hosting review you will often come across the term of shared hosting as it is one of low cost hosting.

The second major type you come to read in business hosting reviews is dedicated hosting. In contrast to shared hosting, dedicated web hosting enables customers to have server dedicated and assigned to their web site only. Since dedicated server is allocated to one client only, so the client has option of hosting one web site or many of his websites on his server, he also has the authority of modifying software configurations according to his demands, co-op with larger web site traffic and scale bandwidth according to his requirements. Therefore, it is more exclusive service adopted by clients and generally big fishes of the industry go for dedicated servers. The rates of dedicated servers are much higher than the shared servers. They can range from $50 to $200-$500 per month. So the dedicated servers are used by web sites with very heavy traffic and huge amount of data.

Another kind of web hosting that you come to read about in domain hosting review is co-location hosting. In dedicated server, client only takes server on rent and uses it while it still remains the property of web hosting company, but in co-location hosting, client purchases the server and only places it in the safe environment of data center of that web hosting company. In this way, customer has full command and control over his server and at the same time server is monitored 24/7 in data centerís safe environment. The rates of co-location servers depend upon the band width required by the client and the rack space covered by computer, in general the rates vary from $500 to $10000 on monthly basis.

An hosting reviews also talk about reseller hosting, which is the next type of hosting I am going to explain here. In this service, web hosting provider sells his space to third party which is called reseller, at very lower prices. These people then resell the web serverís space to their clients. In general, the resellers are computer consultants like web developers, web designers or system integration companies who then add web hosting as an extra service or add on for their customers. Generally these resellers get the discount of big 50% from web hosting companies. Reseller has no limitations on them once they have purchased space from web hosting company, then they can use it as they want to, even establish their own brand with some other name. So, reseller can set up his own web hosting company and start branding with its own name with the price structure of his own choice.

For the customers of resellers, they are the providers of web hosting. But when some major problems come across like server is down or there is long delay in browsing the web site then reseller has to consult the original web hosting company for the solution of problem. Since the communication has long way to cover that is from client to reseller, then from reseller to original web hosting company so there are generally more issues and problems in this process. However, if you are running your own web site or a non-profit web site and ready to take a bit of risk of poor service then this is suitable for your needs, other wise it is not the best option to go for.

However, todayís market is filled with resellers of web hosting and it is not very easy to find original web hosting company rather then reseller. Generally, resellers sell hosting at very low costs, so they can be distinguished from that point. Also if you take a close look at the company information you will know the reseller and the original. Original web hosting company will have the information of their sales, data centers most importantly, financial backgrounds etc where as the reseller generally donít have the solid company background. Also the rates of resellers can be below $5 per month. So if you are looking for original web hosting company rather then reseller you must keep these points in mind, the rates of original firms are also not very high you can get their services for $7 to $10 per month so it is advisable to consult genuine web hosting firm.

Therefore, you should not just strive for the cheapest rates of web hosting available out there, instead look for the good service providers in terms of hosting for your web site. Other wise you may fall in to bigger issues later on. There are many low cost original web hosting firms, where you have to pay a little bit more then reseller and you can get better hosting plan, high quality service and great customer support system.

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