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Business Web Sites

Top Business Web Sites That Should Be in Your 'Favorites'

Below you will find a collection of the best business web sites available online. These companies have made it to our list of Top Business Sites due to their commitment to quality and ethical business practices - or their growth in online business, making the internet a more reliable location to conduct business.

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  • Google
    The number one search engine and internet application and services provider available. Google has not only continued to rewrite the policy on how internet searching can be done, and should be done - but they are also the innovator of hundreds of developer accessible APIs. Google puts the power of their famous Google Labs in the palm of the web developer. Integrating Google tools such as Google Maps, Google Search and Adsense into any website, has made the quality of websites and the user experience greater for being made available.
  • WikiPedia
    Likely one of the most accurate and up to date resources available for researchers and students alike. WikiPedia is an enormous searchable encyclopedia-like web site covering virtually every topic known to man. The genius of Wikipedia lies in the usability and design of the site. The entire site is created and updated by the users and researchers. Though the Wikipedia is moderated in a sense by Wikipedia Gurus, all of the content on the site is editable, and Wikipedia also retains a history of updates.
  • YouTube
    Though this site falls under a category more that of entertainment, YouTube is one of the largest suppliers of streaming video content available online. YouTube provides additional features that not only display video for you to watch, but also paste-able code to embed their videos into your own web page, blog or RSS feed (through a link). YouTube which was recently purchased by the Google corporation has maintained its lead as top video supplier closely being chased by both Yahoo! and AOL.

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