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Doing Business Online

The Tools You Need for Conducting Business Online

I sit a piece of cake to do business online instead of in the "real world"? Can you supplement your "real world" revenue with a money stream that is reliant upon the internet? Well it depends completely on your line of business. Any business or company can use the internet and a web site to create an alternate method for communication and passing of information. There is nothing easier than finding brochure, flyer, product and part data from a web site - then making a trip to a business's physical location. In this world of online fulfillment and EDI in most retail chains you can find out if a local shop has something in stock, or if you need to try a different location.

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There are several tools, other than a web site that you can utilize with the power of the internet for communication and bolstering customer confidence. Just because your client may not be in front of you physically does not mean you can not interact with them personably and with the hospitality they are accustomed to.

Online Communications
With the introduction of VOIP (Voice Over IP) there truly is no limits to the amount of customer service and support a company or small business can provide to their customers and potential clients. With telecommunications systems from Vonage and Skype for example - you can communicate via telephone without incurring your typical long distance charges. Your international clients are as convenient to reach as your neighbor!

Instant Messaging has sprung from the PC and laptop to the cell phone and PDA as well. Instant text messages from one location to another enabling up-to-date contact without being rooted to a phone line. Add to this emails which have been around for years, and you have a virtual communications atomoton at your fingertips.

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