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Hosting Glossary : Part 2

Terms: Colocation - Gigabyte

  • Colocation
    When a hosting service provider provides the housing and internet backbone, and the client provides the physical server, this is called colocation. Hosts may have racks of available space which they can lease or rent to clients who own their own hardware - but lack the means to reliably host.
  • CSS
    Cascading Style Sheets is a document that your HTML web pages call to - the CSS describes to the internet user's browser how certain HTML elements should be interpreted.

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    Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language or DHTML is the term used for the combination of HTML, browser scripting such as Javascript, CSS and browser specific coding such as filters. DHTML is often browser specific and may not work on all computers viewing the internet.
  • DNS
    Domain Name Server (DNS) is a server or service which translates the IP address of a web site from the common domain name. When a user types in a domain name and browses, the DNS tells the ISP how to find the correct server to display the web site.
  • Domain Name
    Commonly an easy to remember name or grouping of words which represent a web site. Each web site is located at a single IP address - rather than remembering the string of octets in the IP address, a user can simply remember a domain name, such as envisionwebhosting.com.
  • Dynamic Content
    The opposite of static content, dynamic content is customized or created based upon a user's input. Dynamic content is often seen in shopping carts - where the cart data is recorded in a database, and retrieved to display the items.
  • E-Commerce
    The means by which people conduct business online - trading money for services. The process of taking money via credit card transactions, PayPal and other forms of payment - in exchange for a service or product sold via the internet, is E-Commerce.
  • Email
    Electronic Mail, or EMail is mail that has been composed an then transmitted from one computer to another using a network.
  • Encryption
    An algorithmic process for transforming text or data into unusable, difficult to understand or denied access without a proper key or secret process for transforming the data back into usable form.
  • FTP
    File transfer Protocol is the method by which files are sent over the internet, commonly for uploading web pages from a designer's computer to the server the pages will be housed on.
  • Gigabyte
    One thousand megabytes of data, usually abbreviated GB.

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