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Linux vs. Windows

Comparisons of Windows and Linux Hosts

You have two primary choices when you begin your seek for a web host: Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. How to determine which of these is best for your website will be determined by the use or functionality or your site. Will your site be a static chunk of web pages, or will there be need of databases, server-side scripting or dynamically included pages? These are only a few examples of the possible options that a web site may be capable of - but important questions to ask.

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In general you will find that if you are in the market for shared hosting that a Linux hosting plan will be cheaper. Shared hosting is when the hosting provider supplies a server and an IP address, and there are possibly more of the host's customers on the same server, usually with different IP addresses. there are certainly Windows Shared Hosting accounts as well, and they can be economical as well, but generally allow for Microsoft geared features such as Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access Databases. The additional overhead cost for supplying these services is passed down to the client, occasionally resulting in a higher hosting charge.

Linux Hosting
Common features found in Linux Hosting accounts include MySQL databases, PHP (a server-side scripting language component), FTP accounts, email accounts, a control panel to administer your site and check your statistics. You may also have the ability to host more than one domain name at the same account.

Windows Hosting
Common features found in Windows Hosting accounts include Microsoft Access and/or Microsoft SQL databases, PHP and ASP (server-side scripting components), FTP and Email accounts, either a control panel or Terminal Services to administer your site. As with the Linux Hosting you may be able to host more than one domain - depending on your hosting service provider.

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