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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the path to Perl on my web server?
If you cannot find Perl on your web host's site, try contacting their support department and asking them. Remember, Perl is only available for use on your site if your web host allows CGI access and has installed Perl.

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How do I install the JavaScript's?
If you are using a simple text editor or a specialized raw HTML editor to write your pages, just cut and paste the code from the Wizard-generated page to your web page. Do not manually re-type or you might accidentally introduce errors into the code.

If you are using a WYSIWYG editor (like FrontPage, Mozilla Composer), you will need to find instructions from that editor's documentation on how you can insert raw HTML code into your document. Do not simply paste onto the page - the code will not be inserted correctly.

If it's based on VBScript, why not use the Windows Scripting Host?
VBS and the Windows Scripting Host is designed to make simple scripts for system administration. You use NotePad to create a .vbs file: clicking on it caused WSH to run your script.

NS Basic/Desktop does much more than this. The development environment has a look and feel of Visual Basic. It supports a wide range of on screen objects, has additional statements and functions to make the language a complete tool, supports the use of third party visual controls and produces standalone exe files. Anybody can look at your VBS script: this is not so with NS Basic/Desktop. While you can certainly do just about anything that you can with VBS, NS Basic/Desktop lets you do a great deal more. Go ahead and use the ideas in VBScript samples to make better NS Basic/Desktop applications!

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Price: $6.95
Space: 1,500GB
Xfer: 15,000GB

Price: $4.44
Space: 1,000GB
Xfer: 1,000GB

Price: $4.95
Space: 1,500GB
Xfer: 15,000GB

Price: $4.95
Space: 1,700GB
Xfer: 17,000GB

Price: $5.95
Space: 1,500GB
Xfer: 15,000GB

Price: $6.95
Space: 1,500GB
Xfer: 15,000GB

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