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If there were ever subjective category on websites, picking the best one would be right up there. Who defines what is the best and why? Every one who looks at sites on a daily basis has opinions and they are not necessarily going to agree with what is picked as being the best of the best websites. Nonetheless, there are design things we are all aware of that should not be done, and if rating a site "the best" consists of ruling out what they didn't do wrong – then that works.

Certainly there are some sites that generally speaking catch people's eye, and are sites used daily by hundreds (even thousands) of people. So here is what we are going to do – we are going to give you a list of sites that rank right up there in terms of design, usability and traffic. Check some of them out for yourself – and you will get and idea of what constitutes a good design.

Amazon.com has an amazing site and is growing on a daily basis, adding new things and services to entice consumers. Great site layout.

BBC in the UK has a primo site you will love poking around. World News, sports, audio in 33 different languages. Scoops you can get online before they air. A little busy, but functional.

Citysearch has a lot on the ball. Find the right restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels and spas in dozens of cities. Editors' picks and user reviews, etc. Nice, easy to use layout.

Craigslist does have a busy site mainly due to its function of – well – providing lists of free classified ads. Despite that, it is well laid out, and easy to navigate.

Del.icio.us is one cool site. You have to visit it. Social bookmarking at its very best. Easy, straightforward, loads quickly. A place to share your favorite Web links and see what other people are boo marking.

Digg.com is leading the way with a very interactive site design. It is a social news leader. A place where users get to say what is important, and interesting, by submitting it, "digging" it and posting a comment.

Mozy.com has a great site. Clean, functional, easy to follow, well laid out. Nifty product too. It will store 2 gigabytes worth of your files for free or an unlimited amount for $4.95 per month.

Tumblr.com has a site that anyone could use and not have any problems finding what they need to get blogging in a unique way. Easy, simple, nice and clean design. Good layout and lots of well written directions.

Twitter.com is blogging on the fly from your mobile phone and just simply telling people what you are doing right now. Very cheery site, rich in content and pictures, easy to read and use. Fairly basic design, but very functional.

Weebly.com has a live demo, and a great layout. Easy site to follow and navigate. Great concept for website building. A WYSIWYG tool for the technically challenged with a one-step process for adding content already somewhere else on the Web.

There are more great sites out there for you to surf and enjoy. Try out some of them, you just might like what you see – design wise, and product wise. Happy surfing!

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