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Web Design

Newbie’s Guide to Web Design
Ahhh so you want to design a web site but are not sure where to get started. One of the first things you need to address for any site, whether it is your first one or not, is to make sure the site is a clean lay out.

Red Hot: Latest Trends in Web Design
Despite the fact that you are about to find out about some of the latest trends in web design does not mean you need to rush right out and try them. Use your common sense, and above all else remember that there are a lot of people on the Net today would rather you just stuck to the basics thanks and skipped all the folderol of new thingies on web sites.

Top Picks: The Best in Web Design
If there were ever subjective category on websites, picking the best one would be right up there. Who defines what is the best and why? Every one who looks at sites on a daily basis has opinions and they are not necessarily going to agree with what is picked as being the best of the best websites.

What Were They Thinking? Worst Web Designs
In an absolute tizzy of bad taste, bad layout, questionable design, even more questionable navigation, we are going to give you some examples of some the worst sites on the Web. Sure, there are more, and you will likely even have seen some yourself.

Web Design Tools: Shortlist of the Best
Dreamweaver hits the best selling list again this year with its newest release Dreamweaver 8. Touted as a terrific web site development tool, it is ideal for designers who are looking for a rapid, yet professional tool to build their sites.

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