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Newbie’s Guide to Software
Wow, we could be all over the map with this subject, but instead of trying to give you highlights of too many software gizmos to keep track of, we're going to concentrate on some free software that will boost your at home office performance.

Software Buyers Guide
If there ever was an area of dealing with computers that gave you instant heartburn, it would be this one. What to buy for your computer?

The Next Microsoft: Who's Hot in Software
Who is hot in software? That is the million-dollar question. And if you actually believed everything you read, then just about every company that has a new software product is the hottest game in town.

Software Piracy: Is It Okay to Make Copies?
The short answer to this question is NO! It is not OK to make copies of any software – period. It is illegal, immoral, unethical and just plain wrong. This practice hurts a lot of people right in the pocket book.

How to Get a Job in Software Development
This is a really great question, and at one time the only answer would have been to slog it out and apply for jobs based on your training. And to some extent that is also true today.

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