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Newbie’s Guide to Computers
Faster computers are being made daily to handle today's technology. Technology allows people to do various things, such as blog, copy, paste, and download files.

Don't Get Ripped Off Buying a New PC
If you are looking for a new computer, there are few things you need to know so that you do not get ripped off by computer companies.

Computers: Best Buys and Best Bets
The most expensive computer systems are the best computers. There is always something new out for computers, so you can spend an infinite amount of money on them.

Laptop Computers: What to Look For
There are significant differences between laptop computers and desktop or personal computers. When you look at it, you can see the physical differences; however, there are differences on the inside also.

It's Simple! Understanding Computer Talk
Computer talk is confusing and if you do not know what certain terms are, you can become lost in the conversation easily. Here are several computer and internet terms that will get you from confused to understanding.

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